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Light Codes by Laara

Activation School

Welcome to our Activation School

The Multidimensional School for Light Codes,

Light Language and More!


Are you looking to learn transformational and practical tools to assist you in inspiring and developing a deeper connection with your authentic self?


Are you interested in Light Language, fulfilling your Divine Purpose and gaining a greater understanding of the Mysteries of the Universe?


Our Activation School is offered to everyone, at any level of development along their spiritual path. If you’ve found your way here, and are interested in what we have to offer, trust the guidance which has led you here! 


Please take a look at our free and paid videos. Our free videos are available on YouTube, and we encourage likes, comments and shares!

Light Codes: Universal Language of Light

This is an introductory level course where we explore Light Codes and Light Language. You'll learn what Light Codes are, how to work with Light Codes in the ways which are appropriate for you, and why they are helpful.

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