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Welcome to our Activation School

The Multidimensional School for Light Codes,

Light Language and More!


Are you looking to learn transformational and practical tools to assist you in inspiring and developing a deeper connection with your authentic self?


Are you interested in Light Language, fulfilling your Divine Purpose and gaining a greater understanding of the Mysteries of the Universe?


Our Activation School is offered to everyone, at any level of development along their spiritual path. If you’ve found your way here, and are interested in what we have to offer, trust the guidance which has led you here! 


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The courses

Light Codes:

Universal Language of Light

In this introductory course we discuss:

  • What are Light Codes?

  • How Can Light Codes Help You?

  • How Do I Work with Light Codes?

We have also included two bonus videos!

  • **How to Set Proper Intentions and Affirmations

  • Grounding Practice Meditation (guided meditation video)

Light Codes: The Universal Language of Light course includes almost an hour of valuable information to help you understand some of the basics of Light Language. Accompanying text is included, so you can work with notes and video as is appropriate for you and your learning style!

Work at Your Own Pace

This course is available to work at your own pace. You can take as much time as you need to be with the ideas and concepts, as well as work with your own schedule.

Level: Basic

Time Commitment: approx. 50 minutes of content

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Light Language Awakening

Light Language Awakening, A Beginner-Advanced Light Language Course


Beginner friendly, but it is recommended you watch Light Language: The Universal Language of Light or Light Language Beginnings to have a baseline understanding to build upon. 


This course explores:

  • What Light Language is 

  • The importance of connecting with our heart 

  • How to connect with our heart

  • Connecting with Spirit 

  • And channeling Light Language.


We explore some deep and important concepts and issues not often talked about in the spiritual world, or by other Light Language practitioners. 


**Bonus Meditation: Fractalline Healing Meditation