A healthy body is one which is operating in optimal function, with a clear mind and an open heart. Our body has all of the hardware and intelligence to heal from almost anything. As a modern-day human, our challenges lie in the disruption of our bodies optimal function and vibratory rate. We can increase our health and vitality by increasing our vibration through:


I believe our greatest challenge as a human is navigating our complex world, while maintaining a high vibratory baseline. 


Dimensional Existence: Importance of Raising our Vibration


Each dimension has a range of frequencies a Being can vibrate within before it transitions into another dimension. For example, our physical body occupies within the 3rd dimensional world, while our spirit guides typically resonate in the 5th dimension. In order to communicate with our guidance, we need to energetically raise our vibration to vibrate in the higher 3rd or enter the 4th dimension while our physical body remains in the 3rd. To meet us, our guidance needs to lower their vibration to match wherever we are. 


Just as we can raise our vibration, we can also lower it. Our vibration is often lowered due to lack of energy, and can create various states of dis-ease. For example, a depressed person remains in the 3rd dimension, but is resonating in the lower range of the 3rd dimension rather than the higher range. This makes us more susceptible to lower vibrational energies which resonate in the 2nd dimension, which sadly often perpetuate the depression.


When we vibrate at a faster rate


What can I do to Raise my Vibration?


There are some key categories which can help us to raise our vibration: food, exercise and inner work.




Eat high vibrational foods! Hint: clean, whole, natural state, organic, living foods. Eat as much clean food as possible to raise your vibration. The highest vibrational foods on the planet are usually fruits. Fast food, junk food, non-organic, GMO and most animal products are low in vibration. These foods can cause the immune system concern, distracting your body from attacking the real invaders: harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.


There is evidence that fasting will strengthen your immune system (click here for an article). Enemas can also be helpful in detoxifying and increasing immunity (Gerson article here). As I am not a medical doctor, please be sure to do your own research, and check with your healthcare provider for guidance regarding your health.



Exercise: Movement


We can increase our vibration by doing specific exercises such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, yoga, other movement meditations, kirtan, dancing, lifting weights etc.

When we move, we move energy throughout our bodies. This relives stagnation on both the physical and energetic levels which has a powerful effect on our wellbeing. Serotonin is released with exercise, and feeling good mentally and emotionally is half the battle to raising our vibration!


Positive Mindset


Play! Get your positive vibes anywhere you can! This can be from reading a positive book (like The Little Book of Light Codes), watching an uplifting video, practicing positive thoughts, playing with your children or animals, etc. The more positivity we can bring into our lives, the higher our vibration will be. 


Inner Work


A powerful tool to raise our vibration is looking within and discovering what doesn’t belong to us and letting it go. We all enter our lives with thought patterns and beliefs which have been transferred to us energetically by our ancestors. We also pick up energies and beliefs through conditioning, and from one another. 

Our soul chooses what “issues” to work with in a particular lifetime, and because we live in the 3rd dimension with a physical body which is able to feel harmony or disharmony, this is an optimal time to review and release what doesn’t serve us. We can do this work in a multitude of ways including therapy and energy work. Some of this you can easily do yourself, while other items may require professional assistance. 


The Bottom Line


Increasing our vibration helps us to lead a happier, healthier life. Engaging in practices which increase our vibration help us to connect with our heart’s joy and wisdom, as well as enhancing our immunity and vitality. The more we are able to look after ourselves with this positive mindset, the more functional we become in all aspects of our lives.