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Meet Laara

Tigress of the Light

Laara* is a spiritual influencer, healing practitioner, author of the bestseller,

The Little Book of Light Codes,

and developer of Fractalline Healing.

Laara combines cutting-edge healing methods and frequencies with ancient teachings and techniques to assist people in aligning with their optimal life path. She uses the quantum connection between our Heart and our soul to release old energies and anchor new alignments into our physical and energetic bodies. "To have access to our Heart is to have access to our soul" is the foundation for all of Laara's channeling and healing methods. Our Heart is the quantum connection between our physical body and the higher planes of existence.

Using her unique abilities coupled with powerful teachings and training, Laara offers essential healing information and frequencies for those on a journey of healing. Through her books, speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats, as well as personal distance healing sessions, she offers cutting-edge healing methods that are easy to use and available to everyone. 

Laara is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. She is also certified in Magnified Healing, Theta Healing and Therapeutic Touch. Laara is a currently enrolled as student of the Healing Light Center Church's Crucible Program, under acclaimed healers, Rosalyn L. Bruyer and Ken Weintrub. 

Laara's book, The Little Book of Light Codes, contains a series of fifty-two symbols which are channeled, living energies of healing Codes of Light from the Universe, designed to help human beings along on our unique and individual paths. Every symbol offers unique gifts, including DNA repair, upgrades, and activations. The energy frequency each symbol emits, and the information each offers is infinite. Only by looking at a symbol, you will gain the information your soul is seeking to perfect itself and reflect Divine Love.

Laara enjoys spending time with her horses, practicing yoga, and doing her healing. She is a raw food enthusiast and works actively to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle, full of sweetness and love for life. Laara lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, with her cat, Chloe.

Tiger Photo Credit: Christian Riese

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