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Time Upgrades Frequency Picture

Time Upgrades Frequency Picture


As we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, we find ourselves in a time of flux. One of the qualities we must adapt to is not only the “changing of times,” but also the increase in our over perceived experience of time. This Light Code assists with both of these topics. Time appears to be moving faster than it did not so long ago, and some of us find challenge in this fact. Work towards becoming more masterful of time with this unique Frequency Picture.

  • Frequency Pictures are colorful, channeled Light Codes. They offer energetic messages and information for your energetic body to utilize in your Highest Good. They are beautiful, yet powerful, connecting on all levels of our being. Some Frequency Pictures may be felt physically, while others will have a more subtle response, depending on your personal connection with them. They offer all of the same benefits as Light Codes (see Personalized Light Codes on our Services page), but with the added benefit of color!


    Frequency Pictures emit an energy which will help us to align to our greatest potential. Print these images and place them in important places around your home or office space, or perhaps use them as background images on your phone or computer. Wherever they are, they will work in your Highest Good, and the Highest Good for those who come into contact with them.


    All images are original and channeled by Laara. 


    Offered digitally in jpeg format.


    Maximum Print Size for best quality: 15” x 15”

  • All sales are final and no return or refund will be issued.

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