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just some of what Laara has to offer with her free section. 


This Frequency Picture is for navigating the greatly fluctuating Schumann Resonance with ease. We created this Code because of the challenges posed by these increased fluctuations, and greater levels of Self Mastery required for those sensitive to these energies! Click on the link below and save the image presented to work with this Frequency Picture whenever you like.  Simply gaze at it, meditate on it, or work with it in your own way. We suggest meditating in its presence with conscious attention to the Code and creating harmony with the Schumann Resonance.


Acceptance of Self

This Light Code was created to assist us in self acceptance. If you are in need of self love, self compassion, self trust, self gratitude, or self acceptance, try meditating upon this Light Code. Click the link below, and save the image to work with it in your own time.

Light codes

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