We have created this special page just for those of you who attended Seeker's Solution: Discover Who You Are on a Deeper Level to Create Ultimate Freedom.

Below, you'll find a number of gifts, including Light Language meditations/healings, a Light Code AND we will offer you a promo code to receive a discount on a Fractalline Healing Zoom Session! (you can read more about Fractalline Healing HERE.) 

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Below, you'll find a Light Code that was created specifically for this summit, and is in harmony with the Light Language channeling offered during Laara's interview. Please feel free to save this image and work with it as you feel guided. Remember, there is no "wrong" way to work with Light Codes, just as long as they are used with as much integrity as possible.


This Code is offering grounded, heart-centred support, along with encouraging to expand your Light as the brilliant divine being that you are.


Some options for working with Light Codes included meditating upon them, charging a crystal, sleeping with them by your bedside, or putting them on a wall or using them as wallpaper for your phone. Please feel free to share this image on social media. If you do, I only request you tag @LightCodesByLaara and offer proper credit.

All blessings,