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Through the visual assistance of the symbols, your journey to peace and happiness is brought forth uniquely. These symbols have been developed and given to us at this time to assist in releasing our pain and suffering while bringing more love, abundance, and harmony into our Hearts and lives.

The reader is invited to work their way through the book and open to all the potential healings and wisdom provided by the Light Codes. Simple exercises and meditations are included to assist you in utilizing the symbols most effectively while you step further into your Love and Light.

Each symbol will resonate with a problematic issue in your life at any given moment. You may find yourself drawn to a particular symbol one day and feel resistance to it the next, depending upon what energies, stressors, or triggers you are working within your life.

As you work with the messages, wisdom, and frequencies expressed by each symbol, your process with The Little Book of Light Codes will be as personalized and as healing, as you choose.

The energy frequency each symbol emits, and the information each offer are infinite. Only by looking at a symbol, you will gain the information your soul is seeking to perfect itself and reflect Divine Love.

"Everyone can live the life they choose."

As you move through this book, you may experience release, change, and even total transformation in your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies. Just flow with it! Follow your inner guidance and intuition—and trust the unfolding.

"Humanity is at a crossroads: heal and ascend,

or continue walking through the darkness."

The time has come to take back your power with the strength and love you hold within your Heart. Humanity is at a crossroads: heal and ascend, or continue walking through the darkness. The Little Book of Light Codes is here to help humanity find Light, find love, and find the joy and freedom that is our birthright. Everyone can live the life they choose—but it is up to the individual to make the conscious choice to heal that which no longer serves them in creating the abundant life of their dreams.

"To have access to our Heart is to have access to our soul."

Everything is possible…and The Little Book of Light Codes can provide a method of re-discovering that which is already known, but that has been temporarily forgotten. May these symbols remind you of the innate and infinite Love, Wisdom, and Light that you hold within yourself.

"Follow your inner guidance and intuition—and trust the unfolding."

"The Little Book of Light Codes

is an extraordinary gift

to the world...

 It is a miracle we've

been waiting for."


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What's Being Said About

The Little Book of Light Codes

The Little Book of Light Codes is an extraordinary gift to the world. I am excited that something of such great value to all people is finally here. Laara, you have created complete access to energetic healing. Bless you, for making this book available to all sentient beings. It is a miracle we've been waiting for. Much gratitude.

~ Dr. Fiona Shamess,

Victoria BC.

I highly recommend this book to anyone on a healing journey. As you work with the fifty-two coded, channeled symbols and Laara's guided meditations, they will resonate with your infinite, magical potential to transform your own life. You will discover the open, expanded, sacred healing space within and around these symbols, which goes beyond the logical and mundane into the world of fascinating wonders and new possibilities.

~ Dr. Stewart Blaikie

The Little Book of Light Codes offers many beautiful things to start a spiritual journey with: channeled symbols with heart-warming messages, profound meditations, and a basic introduction to working with crystals and sacred objects. It's a self-healing manual for spiritual seekers.

~ Sebastian Colbert, Germany

I am opening your book – every morning – to a "random" page and read/meditate to the light code and your text. Your book is a treasure.

~ Andreas Thomma

People are hungry for the sacred teachings that Laara has been brave enough to share with us. The symbols within this book harken back to ancient times. The symbols, their names, and their meanings will fill you with wonder; you will be connected to the timeless sacred again and again.

~ Brian Brown, MS, Healer & Computer Programmer,

Amherst, WI.

I love it. I can't explain it, but some of the symbols made me sway side to side, some made me sit up tall, some made me lean back and open up my Heart...I know a lot of people are going to love this book as well!

~ Anisette Vestberg,

Co-founder of Upgrade Your Lifestyle Europe,

Hoer, Sweden

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