Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


We are excited to announce that Laara will be attending:

Las Angeles 21st Annual Conscious Life Expo

Feb 10th – 13th 2023

Look for me and join hundreds of Exhibitors and Speakers over a long 4-Day weekend at the Conscious Life Expo Conference to participate in the conscious co-creation of a new world, a world based on new paradigms in science, in spirituality, in longevity, in local and global community, in relationship, in health and well-being.

Enchanted Forest Reiki Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Light Language: The Language of the Soul

Friday Feb 24th @ 6:00pm

FREE Presentation


Go beyond our limitations, and experience the multidimensional and divine expressions of Light Language. Light Language is a high vibratory, energetic transmission which speaks directly to our higher aspects. Join us as we explore the fundamentals of Light Language and Light Codes, how Light Language affects all of us, and be guided in a group meditation of channeled Light Language.



Guest speaker on Soulogy Soulspeaks 5D with Todd Medina

Watch an amazing conversation with Cynthia, Whisper, I’m Listening. We talked about spirit guides, joy guides, channeling, plant ceremony, light language and Fractalline Healing!