Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Join us in two transformative live seminars with Jackie “Laara” Herod, The Tigress of Light. Uncover the power of Light Language and Codes, enhancing spiritual bonds and collective consciousness. Engage in live Galactic Light Language channeling, each session offering distinct frequencies and messages. Elevate your ascension journey through these profound healing tools.

Friday, Feb 9th, 6:00 pm 45 min : Light Language 101 and 102

Sat Feb 10th, 4:00 pm 90 min Workshop : Galactic Light Language for Ascension



Guest speaker on Soulogy Soulspeaks 5D with Todd Medina

Watch an amazing conversation with Cynthia, Whisper, I’m Listening. We talked about spirit guides, joy guides, channeling, plant ceremony, light language and Fractalline Healing!