Wisdom with Light Codes




Unique Symbols,

Sacred Geometry,

and Imprinted Emotions 

for Healing

and Spiritual Awakening

Short Stories and Channeled Messages by Authors from Around the World


Wisdom with Light Codes
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Light Codes and Light Language are a powerful energy shared with us by spirit, that is beyond our spoken human language. ​These codes transcend the limits of time and space, connect with parts of ourselves that are long forgotten, and provoke massive shifts in consciousness. The potentials of Light Codes and Light Language are limitless.











As seasoned Light Language and Light Code channelers, we can do our part in service to the collective, to help to bring these very special, high frequency messages to this planet for healing and advancement. We have an opportunity to bring our energies together, and create a reference for those to look back upon for years to come. This reference is for everyone: those who are already connected to sacred Codes of Light, as well as those just beginning to tune in. This collaborative effort will offer guidance, support, and wisdom to anyone who is in need. Every day, more people from around the world notice a new seed of interest sparked deep within, and begin their process of discovering their unique connection to these sacred symbols of light. 


Wisdom with Light Codes is a book authored by those with a strong connection to this sacred channeled art. The authors have a rare opportunity to collaborate with others from around the world to share their story of Light Language and Light Codes, in support of the mass collective healing and awakening.











This project is to help you build your professional platform, to grow your business, brand, and credibility and for some, become a first time author and for others, to be able to add another authored book to their library. Your investment covers all publishing fees to include but not limited to - editing, formatting, distribution and book sales to individual readers, retailers and libraries globally. 


The return on investment is invaluable. Not only will the book assist you in building your business and brand, but each contributing author will also potentially earn their investment back plus additional revenue through the pre-launch and launch book phase, first-year royalty share, and future book sales through our wholesale program.

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Wisdom with Light Codes



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Wisdom with Light Codes  
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