Awaken your Potential

We are pleased to offer a variety of online workshops to assist and amplify your inner knowledge and wisdom. 

Our workshops provide participants with an opportunity to learn, grow, heal and expand their consciousness in a variety of waysEverything we do in our workshops is high vibratory, heart-centred and conscious. You can learn new spiritual techniques and skills, experience beautiful meditations, and ask questions all from the comfort of your home. 


Laara's unique abilities allow her to connect with the group, and assist those in attendance with what they require next along on their path. Whether you are seeking to learn Light 

Language, Fractalline Healing, or deepen your connection to yourself and Spirit, Laara will have much to share with you.

Fractalline Healing is experienced in four distinct levels (or locations) within the Quantum Field. Each level will be taught in sequence, so the seeker gains as much benefit as possible from each location.

Fractalline Healing is a very high vibratory location bordering on the Void, and offers one the opportunity to explore not only themselves and the energies which define us, but also connect with the beloved Spirits who guide us. It is possible to experience a monopole state (one pole, one electrical charge) as well as the zero point state (no electrical charge).

This special modality was developed and created by the Collective, for the Collective in accordance with the Laws of Love. 

This online course will be explored over several weeks in order for students to gain a firm understanding of the locations and what can occur in these "spaces".

We are absolutely honored and excited to offer Fractalline Healing to you!


Learn Fractalline Healing
Level 1: The Grid

In this four-week foundational workshop, we will explore:


  • What is Fractalline Healing?

  • What is the Grid?

  • How to Locate the Fractalline Healing Space

  • Practice Meditations

  • What Healing Occurs within Fractalline Healing

  • How to Work with the Energies Inside the Grid

Don’t be deceived… this first level is extremely powerful, and is where Laara tends to spend the majority of her time while inside Fractalline Healing. 

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Level 1: The Grid

We offer Level 1: The Grid several times throughout the year. This is a four week workshop series, meeting every Thursday night with each session lasting 90 minutes. All sessions are recorded and available for students to review during the workshop series. 

Mark Your Calendar!

Our next workshop series will be in the fall of 2021!

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