Meet Laara, Tigress of the Light

Spiritual Mentor, Healing Practitioner, Bestselling Author

Tigress of the Light

To have access to our heart is to have access to our soul. 

Our heart is the quantum connection between our physical body and the higher planes of existence. This deep knowledge is the foundation of all my channelling and healing methods. 

I feel blessed to help people harness the power of spiritual healing and light language. I understand the power of these tools to strengthen the connection between your physical and higher self. That’s why I have developed multiple transformational personal growth tools. 

My books, workshops, courses and personalized healing sessions are designed to help you consciously access your divine power. 

Spiritual healer

I combine cutting-edge healing modalities with ancient teachings to help you align to your awakening.

My experience comes from many years of study and training. I am a graduate of the Healing Light Center Church’s Crucible Program, having earned degrees in Master of Healing Arts and Master of Natural Theology in Sacred Healing. I am also a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, certified in Magnified Healing, Theta Healing, Therapeutic Touch, and a certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. 

In 2017, Spirit woke me in the middle of the night and guided me through a different healing structure. One where all the healing methods I had learned could be combined and amplified: Fractalline Healing™.

I now work with people around the world, offering distance healing sessions, books, workshops and online courses. 

Bestselling Author

My books about Light Codes and Light Language have become bestsellers, reaching people around the world. 

I have channelled light codes and light language for many years, through the expressions of written, signed, spoken and sung mediums. I understand the tremendous positive power they have and I wrote these books so that anyone, anywhere, could access them. 

Part of my life’s mission is to help heal the collective consciousness. I’d love these books to take you on a journey to connect with the divine, sublime you. To help you reconnect with all that is, and offer you a roadmap back to your true self. The books; The Little Book of Light Codes and Light Codes for the Soul, are one of my offerings to humanity to find light, find love and find the joy and freedom that is our birthright. 

Let me support you on your journey.

Work With Laara

Answers are always found within ourselves, however sometimes we need assistance in discovering what we already know. I offer the tools to help you move forward, away from fear and into your personal Golden Age.

Personalised Light Codes

Fractalline Healing™

Light Code Books

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“Powerful healer. Intuitive and compassionate”