Meet Laara, Tigress of the Light

Spiritual Mentor, Healing Practitioner, Bestselling Author

Spiritual Healer

Welcome, I’m Jackie “Laara” Herod, the Tigress of the Light.

I channel universal, source-based energy, information, and healing for the betterment of all beings in the form of Light Language and Light Codes. I am a healer, speaker, author of multiple international bestselling books, and the developer of the life-changing quantum meditative experience, Fractalline Healing™. I have a strong background in energy healing and spiritual teachings, along with many years of success in the sport of showjumping. Beautiful Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, is where I call home.

It is my sole purpose and mission to channel specific energies for people to connect with on conscious or subconscious levels. I help anchor in the new earth templates in preparation and receptivity of the Aquarian age and the photon belt. My being is focused on this task day and night, including during sleep-time.

When I’m not channeling Light Language, creating free content, or writing another book, I’m further developing Fractalline Healing™. Fractalline Healing is a quantum-based meditative modality designed to offer us a simplified connection with our higher aspects and spirit. It is a specific location within the quantum realms, with several accessible levels structured with high vibrational crystalline energy. A team of highly developed and accomplished light-beings along with myself co-created this highly protected space. Its purpose is to offer seekers a chance to explore themselves energetically, connect with spirit, akashic records, heal, manifest, and play. Fractalline Healing is offered through workshops and one-on-one distance healing sessions.

If you are seeking healing, assistance in aligning to your life’s purpose, or choosing to integrate your most magnificent and infinite potential, you have found the right place. Trust the unfolding of events which have led you here. I offer support to those who choose to show up wherever they are at in life. Light Language and Fractalline Healing are available to anyone who decides they are ready for more beauty, abundance, and flow, or for those who are ready to make the move to change their life for the better.

The new world is being birthed as we speak. The question is: What role are you going to play in its creation?


Tigress of the Light

“To have access to our heart is to have access to our soul.” 

Tigress of the Light is my integrated and Ascended, Masterful-Self who connects further with higher expressions of consciousness. I am a guardian of high-quality energies which are essential to the healing and upliftment of humanity and Gaia. The Light Language I channel is pure source-energy which can be integrated on all levels of our consciousness. Our being can work with the energies I offer, across all timelines, dimensions, realities, and levels. For some, a certain amount of healing is required to consciously resonate with my channeling. There can be programs, beliefs, and energies we can carry which obscure our ability to fully connect to the frequencies I channel. If you find yourself challenged, you are encouraged to embark more deeply on your healing journey. When you are ready to engage with the high frequencies offered here, we welcome you with open arms.

Our heart is the quantum connection between our physical body and the higher planes of existence. This deep knowledge is the foundation of all my channelling and healing methods. 

I feel blessed to help people harness the power of spiritual healing and light language on a personal and global scale. I understand deeply the power of these tools to strengthen the connection between the physical being and higher self. That’s why I have developed multiple transformational personal growth tools. 

My books, workshops, courses and personalized healing sessions are designed to be the cornerstones that help you to consciously access your divine power. 

Athlete to Author

My Light Codes and Light Language books have become international bestsellers, reaching people around the world, but this didn’t happen overnight.

In 2009 while I was pursuing a career as an International level showjumper, I experienced a severe and debilitating career-altering lower back spinal injury. This fall set me on a deep spiritual journey of recovery, healing, and alignment to my life purpose. 

Through my healing process, I began receiving incredible transmissions in the forms of Light Codes and Light Language in 2015. With the assistance of Dr. Blaikie, I was also introduced to Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere, a world-renowned energy medicine teacher and healer. I have been studying with the Healing Light Center Church since the fall of 2016 and have officially been a part of their Mystery School since the spring of 2017. With Rosalyn and her husband Ken, I learn about energy healing, Universal Laws, and spiritual lessons which have been very powerful in my development. 

During a dream in 2017, I was awoken by Spirit in the middle of the night and was guided through a different kind of healing structure. This meditative process is one where all the healing methods I learned could be combined and amplified. We (Spirit and I) call it Fractalline Healing™, as its structure is similar to that of a fractal, and it appears to be crystalline in nature. I use Fractalline Healing for my own healing and development, one-on-one distance healing sessions, and teach all five levels through online workshops.

In 2018-2019 I completed my studies to become a HeartMath® Certified Trainer through the HeartMath® Institute. During this same time I was inspired to begin publishing multiple international bestselling Light Code books. These transformational books focus on empowerment, healing, heart connection, authentic alignment, and functional expressions of Self.

I currently offer limited online one-on-one sessions, workshops, talks, and have a growing online presence on social media. For more information, please visit my website or social media: or @TigressoftheLight on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube. You can learn more about Fractalline Healing at .

Work With Laara

Answers are always found within ourselves, however we often require assistance in bringing forth the inner knowledge and wisdoms held deep within. I offer tools to help you move forward, away from fear and limitation, and into your best version of yourself. 

My experience spans over 20 years of study and training. I have had the privilege of working with renowned healers and teachers: Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Ken Weintrub, and Dr. Stewart Blaikie, amongst others.

I am a graduate of the Healing Light Center Church’s Crucible Program (5 years of training), having earned degrees in Master of Healing Arts and Master of Natural Theology in Sacred Healing. I am also a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, certified in Magnified Healing®, ThetaHealing®, Therapeutic Touch®, and a certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Master.


I combine cutting-edge healing modalities and channeled messages with ancient mystery school teachings to help people step further into their empowered and authentic Self.  


  • Master’s of Healing Arts (Healing Light Center Church)
  • Master’s of Natural Theology (Healing Light Center Church)
  • Healing Light Center Church Crucible Program Graduate
  • HeartMath® Certified Trainer
  • Certified in Magnified Healing®
  • Karuna Reiki® Master
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified in Therapeutic Touch®
  • Certified in ThetaHealing® 

Laara is available for interviews, talks and seminars. If you are hosting an event or show, please contact Janet.

Learn more about working with Laara here, or by contacting Janet at

What Does a Session with Laara Entail?

Due to limited availability, those seeking Laara’s services are asked to contact Laara’s manager, Janet to be placed on a waiting list. Sessions may include any combination of:

  • Personalized Light Codes 
  • Light Language Soul Signature
  • Fractalline Healing Distance Healing Session
  • Light Language Channeling
  • or Spiritual Coaching.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes, and can cover a variety of topics depending upon the individual needs of the client. If a client has a specific healing or channeling in mind, they may put in a request with Janet. Laara specializes in assisting clients with aligning to their optimum potential, with their heart, higher self and soul.

What is the Process of Booking a Session with Laara?

We ask clients to email their session request to Janet, where you will be placed on a waiting list for your time with Laara. When session availability arises, you will be contacted via email to confirm a date and time.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes, with an exchange of $200 usd via Zoom.

We look forward to connecting!

If you are seeking a one-on-one session with Laara, please contact Janet at




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