Align. Awaken. Ascend.

Align to your highest potential.

Light Language and Light Codes have tremendous power both in our personal lives and in our spiritual development. Through our one-on-one sessions, online workshops, YouTube channel and in-person events, I’ll help you harness these transformative tools to enhance your awakening.

Ignite your inner fire. 

Deepen your spiritual connection. 

Embrace the life you were born to live. 

Whether your curiosity has led you to spirituality for the first time, or you’re a seasoned Lightworker seeking to enrich your human experience in new ways, I want to help you access practical and transformational tools and energies to fuel your growth. 


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Laara, Tigress of the Light

Welcome. I’m Jackie “Laara” Herod, the Tigress of the Light. I’m a spiritual mentor, healing practitioner and author of bestselling books on Light Codes. I teach and channel Light Language, Light Codes and the new, Quantum energy healing modality: Fractalline Healing™. 

If you are seeking healing, assistance in aligning to your life’s purpose, or choosing to integrate your most magnificent and infinite potential, you have found the right place. Trust the unfolding of events which have led you here.

Are you ready to ascend to your highest self?

What are Light Language and Light Codes?

“Light Codes are Life Codes”

Light Language and Light Codes are powerful spiritual tools that can help you heal emotionally and physically, and deepen your connection with spirit. 

Light Language is the language of the Universe/Source/Great Spirit, God, Love. Channelled through the heart, it is the language of your soul and an expression of Love. It holds a vast amount of information, energetic frequencies and ancient wisdom. This can be expressed most commonly through writing, sound, and movement. Light Language is an energetic message that will assist you to evolve by shifting your energy to a higher vibration. 

Light Codes are the ‘compact version’ of Light Language. Often focussed on a particular topic, they work almost as portals to a vast amount of information. Light Codes are your starting point. They will encourage you to expand your consciousness and guide you to a greater awareness of the infinite realm. Light Codes help us to understand what we don’t know about ourselves and the mysteries of the Universe. 


Fractalline Healing™ 

Fractalline Healing is a new, powerful, cutting-edge, healing modality. It is a multi-dimensional, Quantum Field connected platform with limitless possibilities.

I have been developing Fractalline Healing since 2017. Spirit woke me in the middle of the night and guided me through this healing structure and its possibilities. They showed me that it was a location where other healing methods can be combined and amplified. I have been working to develop this powerful healing modality ever since. 

Fractalline Healing is a place of integrity, honour and acceptance. It is safe, yet powerful. It is a profound and empowering healing solution.


  • Develop your personal spiritual and healing toolkit. 
  • Return to your most empowered and creative self. 
  • Raise your vibration. 

Kind words from clients

“Powerful healer. Intuitive and compassionate”

“Supportive and inspiring. Motivation to keep moving forward, regardless of current circumstances. An incredible and generous gift offered to all of us with love.”

“Laara is a great healer; I would highly recommend her.”