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Your Future is Bright

You can take command of how you interact with your life: your thoughts and feelings, relationships,

health, and wellness, and live the life you

want to experience. 

Light Codes

by Laara

offers transformational

and practical tools, and one-on-one sessions designed

to inspire a deeper connection with

your authentic self,

so you can embrace the life you were

born to live. 

Tigress of the Light


is committed to providing a

platform accessible to everyone, 

whether your curiosity has led

you to spirituality

for the first time,

or you're a seasoned Lightworker seeking to enrich your human experience

in new ways.

Not knowing what happens next can

be a great

source of fear,

but it doesn't

have to be.


A Message For You...

Light Codes by Laara

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Find What You Are Looking For

Whether you are looking for career guidance, relationships, better health, or embracing your authentic truth, Laara can offer you essential tools and healings in support of your journey.


We are complex beings, existing and operating on multiple levels of consciousness. Shifts in any or all levels of consciousness, ranging from the subconscious mind to the foundational realms of the super-conscious soul, can occur by aligning with the activating, healing, and empowering frequencies of Light Codes and Fractalline Healing.

What Can Laara Offer You?

Are you stressed and lost?

Do you feel afraid, or lacking ambition or creativity?

Looking for Love?

Wondering how to connect with your heart or your spirit guides?


Laara offers personalized Light Codes, Frequency Pictures, and Distance Healing Sessions to assist you in aligning to your highest path. Feel more centered, grounded, and empowered by aligning to your best life and life choices. 


Strengthen your connection to yourself

Feel calmer, centered and grounded

Increase confidence

Deepen your spiritual connection

Feel more happiness

Increase and manifest abundance

Attract Love

Ignite your inner fire

Gain clarity on what's important

Develop your gifts and talents

Heal your Heart

Align to your highest path

Are YOU Ready?

Are you ready to bring more light and energy into your world?

You live in your own unique experience of the world, why not make it a great place to be?

Take back the power that you've given away.

Bring more positivity into your life, and watch yourself transform.

We can't wait to see you shine even brighter!

What's Being Said About Laara

Powerful healer. Intuitive

and compassionate.

~ Client

Supportive and inspiring. Motivation to keep moving forward, regardless of current circumstances. An incredible and generous gift offered to all of us with love.

~ Client

In my experience, Laara's sessions provide a sense of complete calm and serenity that fills you up. I sleep well after a treatment and wake up feeling refreshed in a most incredible way!

~ Client

Laara is a great healer;

I would highly

recommend her.

~ Client

Get Started


If you are looking for a sign, here it is.

To get started and learn more about each of the essential tools

and healings we offer to support you on your journey - read below.

What are Light Codes?

Light Codes are life codes.

They are a powerful tool to assist us with evolving on levels we may otherwise

have difficulty accessing. They hold an energetic frequency and ancient

wisdom so great that it is beyond our spoken language and comprehension.

Light Codes encourage us to expand our consciousness and awareness

to accept what is beyond us, into the great unknown, and trust that

we are part of the infinite realm.

Light Codes help us to understand what we don't know about

ourselves and the mysteries of the Universe.

What is Fractalline Healing?

Fractalline Healing is a new, powerful, cutting-edge, healing modality.

It is a multi-dimensional, Quantum Field-connected platform

with limitless possibilities.

Fractalline Healing is a place of utmost integrity, honor, and acceptance. It supports the physical body by directing any misalignments of the

physical-etheric bodies and provides beautiful healing energy.

It is a "location" where other healing methods may be combined and amplified, making Fractalline Healing a profound and empowering healing option.

What is Chakra Balance?

The human body is riddled with chakras. Many of us are familiar

with the seven most common energy centers or chakras, but in actuality,

there are far more than seven. These are important and complex areas

of the body, which play a vital role in our health.

When any one of these center sis compromised in some way,

we can experience issues. Issues may be experienced by any or

combination of our physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual bodies.

By balancing the chakras, we can ease or relieve symptoms, discover potential issues, increase energy, and promotehigher levels of general health.

What is the Etheric Matrix?

Our etheric matrix or etheric body is our energetic body.

It is the blueprint of our physical body.

It is perfect: no illness, no pain.

The matrix is an expression of our ideal health and optimal function.

It primarily feeds our physical body, helping our bodies to

repair, rejuvenate, and recover from life.

Traumas we experience throughout our lives can result in our physical body becoming misaligned with our etheric body.


Why do I want to be aligned with it?

This misalignment prevents our energetic body from providing

the energy our physical body needs to remain healthy.

Many healing therapies help us to become aligned with our matrix, such as energy healing, Chiropractic, Heller Work, and movement practices.

What is an Energy Fill?

An energy fill is simply a process to fill your body with energy! This energy is often described as comforting, warm, or cozy – even with distance healing!

What is DNA Activation?

Our DNA holds the blueprint of our function as a human.

Leading scientists in the field of Epigenetics have discovered that

our DNA is influenced by external and internal forces of energy.

They are showing that our thoughts and beliefs have a dramatic impact

on the function and expression of our DNA. This means that our positive

and negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns, habits, etc. are what shape our

reality down to the basic blueprints of our being. 


DNA is like living data storage, holding the possibility for more

significant human potential and mastery. The majority of our DNA is

dormant, meaning we have the potential to be much more than what

we currently express. By working with energies that are beneficial to

the body (higher energetic frequencies, healing energy, positive energy,

love, happiness,joy, compassion, gratitude, etc.), we are activating

the potential DNA to trigger unlimited possibility. This can include

increased creativity, intelligence, intuition, undiscovered gifts and

talents, and a healthier state of being.

Schedule a

Consult with

Laara Now


By booking and / or participating in energy healing services with Laara*, you acknowledge and agree as follows: 


The material on this website is offered as educational information only. The author of this information does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. No professional or mentorship advice is intended. The intent of the website owner is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event that you use any of the information on this website for yourself, the website owner assumes no responsibility for your actions. Please consult your physician or mental health provider if you are in need of health-related assistance on a physical or mental level, and your spiritual adviser if you require spiritual guidance. The website owner does not accept responsibility and is not liable in any way for your reliance upon or your use of the information contained on this website. Thank you.

*Laara is legally Jaclyn Herod


Laara is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, and encourages anyone who wants to improve sleep quality, memory function, intuition and creativity, communicate more clearly, and reduce stress and anxiety, to check out www.heartmath.com and www.heartmath.org for more information. Laara loves to share how our mental, emotional and physical expressions are directly affected by the quality of our heart rhythm.

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