We are in a time of a massive awakening. 


People around the world are becoming more conscious and aware that the world isn’t as we initially thought it to be. There is a movement towards connecting to our higher purpose, centering in our heart, and awakening to our infinite potential.

But as we do so, there are some major bumps along the way. In this article, we are going to talk about ascension symptoms and what to do about them.

If you’ve found your way to this article, you’re likely on the ascension path, and experiencing some things you weren’t experiencing before….


Some of the symptoms you may notice can be overwhelming, disturbing, even frightening at times…


So before we get too deep into this topic, I do want you to practice good self care. I’m not a doctor, so let’s insert that disclaimer now: 

If you experience symptoms that concern you, it is always best to contact your health care provider…

First let’s just talk about what’s going on.

For many (if not all) of you reading this, you have been catapulted into an awakening journey. This means that your Soul has decided that NOW is a good time for you to become more conscious and aware of what’s really going on – both in the world at large, and for your own journey. You feel ascension symptoms because your being needs to shake off the lower vibrational energies, thoughts, beliefs, and programs that don’t belong where you’re going.


You’re feeling the low vibrational energies trying to leave…


Your Soul incarnated on this planet to have a human experience. It did this by focusing its energy into a single point, and was birthed within the confines of a human body. The soul wants to experience, taste, smell, feel, and interact with many things including other souls who also focused their energy into a single point to be birthed into a human body (or animal or plant or rock… you get my point). Now, your soul has decided to increase your awareness of your surroundings, and also become more aware of itself. This is exciting for the soul to experience! Very exciting! YOU may not think it’s very exciting…. But your soul does.

In order to increase your awareness, your body, your mind, your emotional body, all need to go through an upgrading process so you can hold more energetic information on all levels of your being and order to do this, we need to clear out a lot of the lower vibrational energies we’ve accumulated throughout our lifetime – this can also include past lifetimes and even our ancestors lives as well. 


Purging these lower vibrational energies isn’t always the most fun…

Each of our bodies (mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual) need to get cleaned out in order to have the capacity to hold higher vibrational energies. For the emotional body, this could mean that you’re feeling excessively emotional! Big emotions, mood swings, crying for no reason, highly sensitive, overly empathetic all because you are becoming more conscious about what’s going on within and around you. Old memories of traumas surfacing, you suddenly feel as though you don’t relate to your friends, family, significant other. Career change because you can’t keep doing this job anymore, it doesn’t feel right anymore.

For the physical body, we might see night sweats, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, digestive changes, big or small appetite, weight gain or loss, body aches and pains, restlessness, sleeplessness, low energy, needing to sleep a lot more or an increased need for naps, lack of ambition, nausea and stomach aches, headaches or migraines, allergy symptoms, cold or flu symptoms and more. 

For the mental body, we might see increased anxiety, depression, vivid dreams, confusion around life purpose, not sure what you’re doing here anymore, lonely, potentially misunderstood, feeling lost, running thoughts… even questioning our entire existence!

All of this can become too much. It can feel like our entire world is crashing down… and some of you might be screaming at this saying “it IS crashing down!”

And this is when you know you’re in the dark night of the soul.

Shedding the lower vibrational energies is challenging. It’s why there are countless techniques, modalities, books, plant medicines and so on – to try to assist people through the challenge. The mental, emotional and physical bodies can have a difficult time releasing energies especially those that no longer serve us.  This is because the energies are complex, entangled, and we develop fears around them… effectively protecting them from their release. 


So lets say you understand all of this and you’re just wondering what to do about the crazy symptoms you’re experiencing.

It all comes down to raising our vibration. Do the things that will raise your vibration. This means, do what makes you happy and do your inner work. Learning how to raise your vibration is essential. It is the entire point of the awakening process. How can you begin to raise your vibration? It can start by bringing better balance into your life. This means take care of your physical body, your mental state, process your emotions, and develop a spiritual practice. Dance, sing, play. Remember what it was like to be an innocent, curious child.


If you want and are ready to go deeper and do the work…

There are three big steps to ascension:

1.) We need to do purge and heal our traumas (we’ve all got them).

2.)Then We need to fill ourselves with light.

 3.) We need to anchor in that light – which means grounding our light to the earth. (Find what you love and do it. Highest timline.)

This is what ascension is. Heal, fill, anchor. Heal, fill, anchor. Over and over and each time we do it, our vibration raises, and eventually the process gets easier and easier. We build a momentum around raising our vibration and healing. For some of you, healing and filling yourself up with light will include doing cleanses, therapy, shadow work, working with healers, plant medicines, sound healing and so on. 


For all of us, we need reprogramming. 


We need to let go of the false notions, beliefs and ideas we were taught. This can be frustrating, especially if we are particularly attached to our falsities. But if you want to move through the discomfort… you might want to look at the ways in which we have been deceived. You might find working with The Little Book of Light Codes or Light Codes for the Soul helpful. You might also find working with A Course in Miracles or Science of Mind helpful.

 We need to deeply understand our reality, and that our reality isn’t what it seems. Movies like The Matrix suddenly have a much deeper meaning when we realize it’s more of a documentary than an action-drama.

The purging is letting go of everything false. Everything that isn’t true to our divine nature. Letting go of all that doesn’t truly serve us in our highest good, because if we are entangled in things that aren’t in our highest good, then this is an energy drain and we won’t be able to raise our vibration in the ways necessary.

 The next step will be to begin reclaiming your power and authority, and taking responsibility for your existence on this planet. This is where we get good at anchoring in the light. This is an uncomfortable part of the journey. But understand that it will pass, and you will be much stronger for it. You will begin finding like-minded people who can offer mutual support. You will discover that you have so many amazing gifts and talents to offer the world. You will stand firm in your authority, knowing your divine role as a lightworker. And then you will assist others in finding their way.

What ascension symptoms are you currently working with? And what do you find helps your symptoms? I’d like to hear about it in the comments below.