Congratulations on successfully completing 2021, another year on this wild and crazy planet! We can all take a moment to reflect what 2021 brought our way, take note of the good things, and perhaps some of the not-so-good-things. We now find ourselves at the start line of another year, with a variety of emotions, hopes and dreams. This start line gives us a golden opportunity to take a breather, regroup, and refocus our energy.


This year, 2022, feels like it’s going to be very important that we take the time to tune into ourselves. We have had practice over the past couple of years to quiet our lives, and create space around ourselves in order to make this task a little easier. Some of this time was well focused, and some of it was spent binge watching Netflix… but either way, we have had a chance to bring our energy closer to home (to ourselves). If you found yourself desperately trying to run away from yourself, for whatever reason during this time, it’s ok. Learning to tune in and be with oneself is likely one of the most difficult tasks as a human. Every day is a new opportunity or chance to try. Every day is a good day to connect with spirit. Every day is a good day to explore your shadow. Every day is a good day to call into manifestation, more of you.


This year has the feeling of growing stability, but with a fair amount of uncertainty. Vague, I know… allow me to explain.


Over the past 10-20 years, we have been seeing a bigger shift in the collective consciousness. The wave started much before this time, but there has been a dramatic increase of people waking up, and working with this ‘woke’ energy as the individual saw fit. This is of course, a growing, fluid, expansive wave amongst humanity, ever changing as the greater collective energy.


This is in part due to the changing of Ages, and our ever-closer proximity to the photon belt emitted by the galactic sun. As more Light is brought in by each of us, including plants, animals, and the planet and sun themselves, there is an energetic response of purging shadow energy on all levels. Consider walking into a dark room, and turning on the light. Where did the darkness go? It was pushed out by the Light. This is what is happening on a massive scale on our planet, and why we see so much shadow energy being played out on a global scale.


This year will likely be an important year to focus some time and energy into inner work, grounding, learning how to cultivate more personal energy, connect to spirit and ultimately tune into ourselves. There is still a lot of misconception, confusion, and shattered reality-like energies at play for this year. However, the more we can tune into our own inner guidance, our heart, our higher self, spirit, and KNOW truth when we see it, the easier this year will be. I have chosen to make daily meditation a priority for myself, specifically working with Fractalline Healing, so I can tune in on multiple levels with power and ease. This meditation helps to keep my chakras aligned, my energy bodies full, connect to my higher self, and manifest what I need to be at my best.


It feels as though there will be stability for those who are able to ground themselves into the now, and not be as influenced by external energies. This is true for anytime, but this year could be a test. Stay focused on your energy. Ground your energy. Be responsible for your energy. Learn to discern. And above all things… stay true to yourself.


Working with high vibratory tools and healing modalities can help us to stay focused and on the ascension track. There are so many wonderful options, teachers, guides, modalities, tools and gadgets to try. Follow your intuition, and see where you are led to this year. Remember that one thing may work for a while, but you may be challenged to find something else at some point too. This doesn’t mean what you had been working with isn’t good anymore, it simply means you don’t resonate with it at the moment. It also doesn’t mean you won’t find it helpful in the future, so always keep your mind and options open.


Light Codes are still pouring in, and they are changing as the energy is changing! Helpful, don’t you think?


This doesn’t mean older Light Codes are outdated, it simply means there are new ones coming in all of the time, so be sure to keep an eye out for new publications to add to your arsenal.


I will be continuing to offer one on one sessions and workshops throughout the year, so be sure to reach out if you feel like I can be of service along your journey.


I wish for you that 2022 be your best year yet!