The act of joyful creation is a sacred and powerful practice. The process is transformative, as it allows the flow of your natural expression and opens you up to the awareness of your authentic self. As a precious facet of source consciousness, you are always receiving and transmitting information through your unique perspective. Your interpretation of this information and the way you express your energy is what ultimately creates your living experience. 


Creativity exists within all of us, and it can be used to enhance your quality of life. Everyone is creating from moment to moment, but this is not always a conscious process. Sometimes, this energy is being used to create dialogue in the mind that generates worrisome scenarios that result in stress and anxiety. There is nothing inherently wrong with this – it is simply a habit that results from an aspect of your psyche that wishes to get you ready, ‘just in case.’ However, it is important to note that many anxieties and worries do not come to pass. Once you recognise this, you can gently redirect this energy elsewhere. 


Your interpretation of this information and the way you express your energy is what ultimately creates your living experience. 


This is where mindfulness and conscious choice comes in. Of course, you do not want to disregard the parts of you that are fearful and hurting. Allow those aspects to be there in your space, without judgement. Infuse your being with compassion, recognising that those energies will integrate and transform once they no longer need to have a voice in your life. Once this has been done, you can then choose to redirect your creative energy into practices that align you with your flow, rather than fall into old habits of creating thoughts that are erosive to your wellbeing. 


It is not necessary to be an artist, a film maker, or a writer to express and create joyfully. All that is needed is your willingness to express, then from that space of willingness, making a choice to dedicate some time each week to allow yourself to create something that gives you a sense of delight. One of the most important parts of the creative process is releasing judgement. Many are discouraged to create just for the sake of creating and feel as though things have to be perfect or have some kind of function to have value. This is a childhood belief that stifles expression and keeps your beautiful energy locked in place. 


If you need a reason to convince yourself to establish a weekly creative practice, just know that the act of creating opens up energetic channels that allow you to be in flow. This has a run-on effect that brings in health benefits — many health issues that bring discomfort and dis-ease actually stem from unexpressed, stagnant energy trapped in the body! You may also find that you are more efficient and get other things done much quicker once you align yourself with the energy of universal flow. The wonderful thing is that there are so many different mediums through which you can express your creativity. 




How do you express yourself best? Start with the medium you feel most comfortable with. Some people are naturally great cooks, some love to sing and dance, others enjoy crafting stories and poetry, and some make art and do flower arrangements. Even doing a visualisation meditation is an act of creation. Choose one thing you are relatively confident with that brings you delight, and dedicate time each week to it. This is your ‘creative flow’ time. This is NOT wasted time, or time you could be spending getting work done. Yes, people lead busy lives and have families and responsibilities. However, allowing yourself time each week to express yourself creatively will help you show up in all other areas of your life as a better, more vibrant version of who you are!



  • Participate in a group activity such as a meditation or healing practice

  • Enrol in an online or community course 

  • Talk or write about something that brings you joy

  • Cook up a delicious meal

  • Create artwork that ignites your soul


Many people know that there are things they ‘should’ do, but do not take action. Repeated action forms a habit, which then forms the patterns in your life. Know that when you take the actions to show up for yourself fully, it equips you a foundation of love that allows you to show up for others fully. Are you ready to make the world a better place through your unique creative expression?