Our world is speeding up. Many of us feel time pressure constantly—it demands that we multitask and move faster than is healthy for us. The pressures of time can create an endless stress loop—we are challenged in our lives and within our bodies by anxiety, depression, and other imbalances. “How did we get so busy?” we wonder. “When will life get back to normal?” The truth is, this is the new normal. But all the knowledge and information that’s coming at us at hyper speed doesn’t have to be overwhelming or detrimental. There’s a positive side: As we open to the vast stores of information available to us, we have increased opportunities to come in alignment with our heart’s desires. We can use our access to global information to help us move into alignment with our hearts, to become masters of ourselves—and Masters of Time in this new Age of Aquarius.   


We have increased opportunities to come in alignment with our heart’s desires.


Some astrologers believe that in 2012, we reached the end of the Pisces Age and entered the new Age of Aquarius. Part of the influence of the Aquarian Age—according to some proponents of this theory—is a perception that at the midpoint of the transition from one Age to the next, time began to accelerate. We say perception because as we know, time is not a fixed or linear construct—nor is the notion of time subject to any “rule” in dimensions outside of our 3D reality. Now that we have transited into the Age of Aquarius, in astrological terms, this means that we are less influenced by watery Pisces, and more influenced by airy Aquarius. Air moves faster than water, hence the perceived increase in time. This means that as human beings, we need to become masterful with our time. We need to choose carefully what aligns with our heart and our soul’s mission. This takes practice, patience, and forgiveness as we gain in self-awareness. It’s not easy to do! We all have busy lives, filled with obligations and commitments (and, hopefully, a nice list of activities that feed and nourish us deeply too). We are being called to download, integrate, and activate knowledge and technologies, just to stay in “time” in present time.


We need to choose carefully what aligns with our heart and our soul’s mission.


How can we slow down enough to take it all in? How can we organize our lives to create more space for the things we love? We need to decide. We need to choose what is best for us in our lives, otherwise, life passes us by in a flurry of technological distraction. Days, months, and years spin by—and we wonder, “What happened? Where did the time go? The faster we go, the more we miss. We don’t take the time to cherish special moments in our lives: like the way a water fountain glistens and dances in the sunlight as its water gushes into the sky and cascades back to earth. Like the smell of a flower, the flight of a bird, the laughter of children…we miss it all. We lose sight of the kindness of strangers, not noticing a small act of generosity because we are so consumed by our stressful inner world. We miss out on the sweetness life—because sweetness struggles for existence and expression in a world brimming with pressure and restriction.

The message from Spirit is: “Slow down.” Go within. Examine your life. What is in alignment with your heart?


If there are things that do not bring you joy and happiness, now is the time to let them go. You can’t be in your power, creating a life full of love and abundance when you are actively supressing yourself with your life choices. Doing this might mean completely re-evaluating of your life. But the question is, “How long do you want to torch yourself with a life that isn’t fulfilling, that isn’t in alignment with your heart? What if changing one small thing was enough to shift the entire energy within and around your life? Try it. Slow down.When you do, you’ll regain your productivity, regain your sanity, regain control of your life—and you’ll become a Master of Time. 



Sit quietly with a pen and paper. Keep the frequency picture provided at the top of this article close by.  Close your eyes. Slow and deepen your breath. As you breathe in, imagine pulling the energy of the earth into your feet, all the way into your core. On the exhale, release the earth energy out the top of your head (crown chakra). Continue to breathe in deeply, pulling the energy up from the earth, through your feet, into your core. On the exhale, release the energy out your crown chakra until you notice a shift. Make a mental note of the change which occurs with this grounding exercise. 


When you are ready—and for as long as it feels right for you—gaze softly at the frequency picture. Write a list of all of the responsibilities, obligations, commitments, activities, relationships, etc. you currently have in your life. This might include your job, family members, pets, sporting clubs, etc. When you are finished your list, return to your breathing exercise. When you are ready, gaze softly upon the frequency picture again. Ask to be shown any changes that you need to make to your list, in your highest good. Ask for clarity. Sit quietly. Be with the symbol and your list. You may be shown the changes needed to bring your life into balance, and to bring you into alignment with your heart and soul. Or, it may take time for this information to come to you. But you have made the request and when the timing is right, you will be given the clarity and signs that will guide you. These signs may appear in unexpected places, so remain open and aware. 


When you are finished this exercise, thank the Universe for the assistance the frequency picture has provided. Now, feel yourself opening to new energies, new activations, and new frequencies. Feel yourself stepping into a mastery of time!