There are some people out there warning that Light Language is dangerous, claiming it can call forward evil spirits, unwanted portals, and have generalized malintent. The truth is that there is energetic spoken and written language that can do these things, but it isn’t Light Language.


First, let’s talk a little about Light Language.


Light Language is a channeled, energetic transmission and expression of the Love and the Light. This transmission is most often expressed through speech, hand motions or writing. The Love and the Light refers to the divine, the Great Spirit, God of the Most High, Source and Universal energy. The Love we speak of is Absolute Love: the source of everything, the backbone of truth, universal law, and all things in accordance with integrity and free will. Light Language is a pure expression, with all of the qualities of Love. It is naturally harmonic, and encourages energies around it to be in harmony as well.

It is therefore a connection or contact point to the divine, which makes it a powerful means for healing and ascension. (We talk about some of the many benefits of Light Language in a previous video, so make sure to click the link below to learn more.) Light Language is an infinitely intelligent language, because it has no limitations in its process to share knowledge or information – in fact, it is only limited by the channellers capability of channeling. 

Since Light Language is the language of the Universe, or Source, God, the Divine (whichever you prefer), it is the natural language of our soul, higher self, and even our lower egoic self! It is also the language of the most sacred aspects of the universe, and always in accordance with Love, it will do no harm. Any information it offers is simply an offering, and up to the recipient’s free will to choose whether or not to engage with it.


We have gone over some of the definitions and qualities of Light Language, now we will explore Dark Language.

 Dark Language is an expression of energy which has the potential to cause energetic disturbance which is not in alignment or in accordance with Love. Dark Language is capable of calling forward lower vibrational energies, evil spirits or entities, and opening dimensions which you or I may not want to participate in. Dark Language can sound like Light Language, which is why there is confusion. This channeling would attempt to work against natural laws, against free will, and can create issues for those who it is directed towards. Some cultures may see this as Bad Medicine, or you might see it used in black magic ceremonies, or other kinds of satanic practices.  

How can I tell the difference between Dark and Light Language?

Truthfully, there are not many people capable of working with Dark Language. The tall tell sign will actually be your own desertion. As a human, you are a sensitive being. You can sense when something feels right, and when something feels wrong. When something feels natural, or unnatural. When something feels in balance, or out of balance. If you listen to one of these channellings, and feel creeped out – that’s a clue that you probably shouldn’t listen to it. That being said, it’s important not to judge too quickly. Light Language itself can feel powerful, and sometimes intimidating. We can feel physical sensations of a wide variety of ways while listening to Light Language, but you shouldn’t sense an ominous energetic presence. If you are intrigued by what you are listening to, and are unsure if it is appropriate for you to listen to, the best course of action to take is to call in spirit to help you. This is very easy to do if you haven’t done this before. You simply ask, either to yourself or out loud, for the beings of love and light who love you to come protect you now. You will be assisted immediately. 


Light Language is always a heart-centered, loving channeling, offering incredible benefits both for those who channel and those who receive. If you’re interested in learning more about Light Language, check out my YouTube channel, social media networks and books “The Little Book of Light Codes” and “Light Codes for the Soul”.