Understanding Soul Hierarchy


It has become popular in psychology and the spiritual/new age movement to talk about how we embrace all aspects of ourselves. It is indeed, a fundamental step to acknowledge our shadow side; the aspects of ourselves and personality which we deem undesirable. This is an important action. However, many of us have now transitioned to using the declaration of these shadow aspects as an excuse for behaving badly, and not actually making the commitment to healing ourselves.


The ego can play in the physical world fairly powerfully, and in doing so, creates a lot of confusion.

For a long time, our culture has accepted the simple acknowledgement of a trigger or false belief-causing reaction, as “good enough”. We tend to back off, and congratulate the individual for their astute self-observation. Unfortunately, simple acknowledgement often isn’t enough to shift the reactions which cause disturbance to our overall health and happiness. We need to take our attention deeper into our being, as if we are mining for nuggets of truth. It can be helpful to gain a greater perspective on what these nuggets are, and in order to do that, we observe the Soul Hierarchy.

The Soul Hierarchy

The Ego

Our ego, lower-self energy, contains a lot of dysfunctional energies: anxiety, fear, jealousy, depression, confusion, mistrust etc. This is where our triggers and false belief systems lie.

The Higher Self

Our Higher Self is a higher energetic-self aspect that is the connection between our physical expression and our Soul Mind. Our Higher Self knows our appropriate life path, our truth of who we are, the love that we are, and attempts to bring this knowing into physical reality.

There’s a difference between the power that the Higher Self can manifest, and the power which the ego believes it has. The ego can play in the physical world fairly powerfully, and in doing so, creates a lot of confusion. The best-case scenario for the ego is to be held in its rightful place where it can be accepted and honoured in its fullest expression.


Through our culture, schooling, family and friend dynamics etc., our ego has been saddled with too much responsibility, and rolls which are inappropriate for the ego. This can be felt by feeling like we are taking on the world’s problems, making our personal issues much bigger than they need to be, and creating an environment for more traumas, triggers, stresses and upsets.

In the process of the ego on these energies, the ego gets bigger and in turn squeezes the heart and Higher Self.

The ego’s rightful place is under the heart, higher self and soul mind. When the ego is in its rightful place, as a servant to the heart and higher self, the ego is relieved.

But how to we allow the ego to shift into the space where it is supported and acknowledged with the importance it deserves? By understanding this hierarchy, and witnessing the ego acting out of its place. Light Codes can be helpful in building our understanding of this hierarchy, and triggering potential shifts within our being.

Find the Nuggets of Truth


To Use This Light Code

Sit comfortably with the image in front of you. Soften your mind to the best of your ability to allow the energies to reveal themselves and increase the potential for you to feel the frequencies being emitted from the Light Code. Deepen and slow your breath as you allow your body to become heavier. Take a moment to close your eyes as you continue to breathe and ground. When you are ready, open your eyes and gaze softly at the Light Code, staying as open as you can to the infinite possibilities and ranges this Code can share with you.