As we continue our bumpy transition into the Age of Aquarius, Light Language has made a resurgence into humanity’s consciousness. Light Language and Light Codes pour into our consciousness each time our solar system moves towards the Golden Age (the photon belt within our Milky Way Galaxy), where we are literally being bombarded with light. These Codes are emitted by the Great Central Sun, but also have connection to other conscious beings in our galaxy and the universe at large.

Light Codes and Light Language are not only a tool to assist us in our ascension process, but one of the predominant means in which ascension occurs. Whether we are conscious of it or not, these Codes, commonly expressed through sunlight, sound, written, or signed, carry keys of information which are used by our innate, divine intelligence to unlock higher levels of consciousness. This higher consciousness manifests as higher function within all levels of our being: mental/emotional/physical and spiritual. Light Codes and Light Language assist in teaching our entire being how to carry more Light within and around us. The more Light we carry, the more in harmony and connected we are with our Higher Self, Soul, and the Divine (Love).

Light Codes and Clarity


When we speak of clarity, we are referring to the clarity which arises from connecting to Divine Truth. For most of us, our experience on in the 3D world is confusing, disconcerting, lacking, traumatic, lonely… need I go on? Clarity is when we realize, very deeply, that this world is like a movie, and we are all characters in this movie. Clarity comes when we can release our ego’s desperate grip, and open our heart to what is beyond the illusion of the movie. We can feel, taste, hear, sense, smell, see and know that there is much more to “reality” than what we perceive on the superficial 3D level. The more Light Codes we work with and embrace, the more assistance we have in breaking through and retraining our perception to include more than what meets the eye in a basic way. We discover layers and depth to everything we observe, and eventually embody our newfound observations. Once this shift happens, we may still continue to require little reminders to connect to our heart, or broaden our perspective because the 3D movie is persistent and very believable. Continuing to develop our personal practices which help to clear your energy field, and uplift your mind in a positive way are essential for remaining aligned to Divine Truth (5D and beyond).


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