Be clear on what kind of life you want to live! Are you happy and healthy? Stuck in pain and suffering? Learn how to change your life trajectory. 


Reality check! It’s time to get real. It’s time to be clear on the direction you want to be heading in. Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry!! There is a lot of help out there for us! 


We all need to be humble enough to know what we know, and know what we don’t know. And one thing that never changes, for those of us who want to live a spiritually based, happy and healthy life, is that we want to align with whatever is in our highest good. 


Even if you have strong guidance and knowing, be sure to know that we can’t know everything. We still need to remain open to the infinite possibilities in the Quantum Field. Take an ego check: who is leading the way? Heart or ego? And how accurately can you tell?


How to set up good alignments for your future: 


  1. Ground yourself
  2. Be an observer of your life – watch yourself and others, no judgement!!
  3. Don’t take ANYTHING personally!!
  4. Ask guidance to help you to be in your optimal alignment in your highest good
  5. Follow through with what life is showing you: be BRAVE and make the changes that need to be made
  6. Love it all – it’s all just an experience… again, don’t take anything personally or too seriously.

This is living authentically. This is living your truth. This is shining your light, bringing your love forward to heal yourself and the world.