People from around the world have struggled to define Light Codes and Light Language in a complete and comprehensible way. This is because both Light Codes and Light Language are a form of the Unspoken Word. This does not need to be interpreted as a religious concept, but does likely require an openness to spirituality, and the notion of an energetic consciousness greater than ourselves. 


Light Codes are an expression of Light Language


The term Light Code is often referred to as Light Language and vice versa. Light Language is like a package of information which cannot be translated fully into current human language, but rather, is expressed through various mediums such as: movement and dance, written signs and symbols, photos, art, music, and through speech and song. It is energy expressed and interpreted through someone who feels the connection, and is therefore always a considered a channeling. The trick is to become conscious of what is happening within and around you, and you too can be channeling Light Language.  


With this basic (and completely complicated) semi-understanding about what Light Language is, we can narrow our focus to the topic at hand: Light Codes.


Light Codes are Life Codes


Light Codes are life codes. We all need a little help decoding our lives as our current world continues to intensify. Very little in our lives is “normal” anymore. How often do we think to ourselves “it wasn’t like this before” or “when things settle down…” This is because we are experiencing a changing of the tides, moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Anytime there is a crossover of the Ages, such as what we are experiencing now, the world will experience change. This is normal. However, in order to assist humanity in not only surviving this transition, but also thriving in this this transition as well, we are given tools. 


The term Light Code is often referred to as Light Language and vice versa.


People are beginning to become more conscious, more self-aware, and more accepting of the need we have to utilize these tools. Light Codes are a powerful tool to assist us not only through this transition (which lasts hundreds of years), but also to help us evolve on levels we may otherwise have difficulty accessing. Light Codes are particularly useful if we can expand our concept of ourselves to include the awareness that we are more than our physical body. Alternatively, Light Codes can also assist us if we are completely shut down to realities outside of Newtonian Physics.


This is because Light Codes hold an energetic frequency, a non-verbal message that radiates into its environment.


If we are in the same room as these energies, there will be some small part of us that notices. Whether or not these messages penetrate and make a measurable difference is up to the individual’s openness to receive and work with the frequencies on a subconscious level. The frequencies are ancient wisdoms which are essential to our healing, understanding, development, enlightenment and ascension process. Light Codes are not the only way to gain this knowledge, but can be a useful tool in the process. 


Working with Light Codes


Working with Light Codes requires some practice or a level of personal awareness and mastery. The best way to work with Light Codes is by altering our brainwaves through meditation. To gain the most benefit, we need to be in a receptive state of mind; we need to be relaxed. If you’re someone who can easily access Alpha or Theta brainwave state, you’re off to the races. For the rest of us, we need to meditate in order to shift our brainwaves out of Beta “thinking mode,” and into the more relaxed Alpha or Theta states. 




We are most often taught to meditate with our eyes closed. This helps us to focus on our internal environment, reduces external distractions, and increases relaxation. In order to work with Light Codes, we usually need to see them, as is the case with The Little Book of Light Codes. 


Meditation prepares you to receive the information from the Light Codes.


Try this: begin with your eyes closed. Slow your breath to 5 seconds inhale, 5 seconds exhale. Focus your attention on your feet. Notice how your feet feel. While maintaining focus on your feet, place your hand over your heart space and bring your attention to your heart. Continue breathing slowly, focusing on your feet and heart space. 


When you are ready, open your eyes, and continue breathing slowly while focusing on your feet and heart space. 


It Gets Easier with Practice!


Eventually, you will be able to slow your breath, focus on your feet and heart without closing your eyes to begin. This may sound strange, but it will actually help you greatly throughout your day to day life. If you feel stressed, shocked, upset in anyway by something, this meditation can become a quick “reset,” and no one around you will even notice you’ve done it! 


This simple meditation prepares you to receive the information from the Light Codes. Once you are in your relaxed space, simply gaze at the symbol. You may feel something, a thought might pop into your head, or you might not notice anything because the symbols often work on our subconscious levels. If you don’t notice anything, it’s ok. Some symbols you may not feel a strong connection to, and others you may feel an incredibly strong connection to. This is all normal. 


Take on the World with Light Codes


Light Codes are life codes. They hold an energetic frequency, an ancient wisdom so great that it is beyond our spoken language and comprehension. They encourage us to expand our consciousness and awareness to accept what is beyond us, into the great unknown, and trust that we are part of the infinite realm. Light Codes help us to understand what we don’t understand about the mysteries of the Universe. 


For more information on this topic, and to work with Light Codes, look for The Little Book of Light Codes by Laara at your favourite book store.