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Take a deep breath and relax as you open to receive the beautiful blessings, activations, and healings of Light Language. Some offerings below will be pure Light Language, while others will be a combination of guided meditation with Light Language. These meditations are channelled through the Heart centre with Love, in complete harmony and alignment in the Highest Good for all. 



Relax and listen to receive energy healing, clearing, activation, cleansing from the sacred language of Light. In this meditation, we energetically connect with the heart centre, calling forward any misqualified energies and lack of love to be transmuted at this time in your Highest Good. This Light Language is channeled through Laara's heart to yours, in loving honour and integrity, so you don't have to do anything but relax and take in the healing messages of Light.

Duration: 12:04


This guided mediation takes us on a journey to our natural energy stream. This stream of energy is a conscious stream, a connection to wisdom, information, even healing energies. This meditation also includes Light Language transmissions to assist us in connecting with this energy, and integrating the connection within our being.

Duration: 24:47


This is a Light Language meditation for balancing all of the chakras. Relax and rejuvenate while you listen to Laara's healing tones, all channeled in the highest good for all. Light Language is a powerful tool that connects with all levels of our being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Nothing to do but relax and let it all in. Your heart, higher self and soul know this language, as it is the language of Love.


Duration: 16:53



Free download! This Light Language meditation is for the connection and development of self love and acceptance. Deepen your connection to yourself with this gentle, yet powerful Light Language, guiding you sweetly into your Heart and to your Soul. Light Language is a powerful healing tool, speaking directly to your energetic bodies, connecting to all levels of the being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Relax and listen to the soothing and activating tones Laara speaks in this channeled meditation.

Duration: 9:14


Frequency Pictures


Frequency Pictures are colorful channelled Light Language and Light Code art. Download these beautiful images to use as you wish, such as wallpaper on your phone, Facebook profile picture, or print them and place them around your home or sacred space! Each one emits powerful and sacred energy, an energetic blueprint of information our energy bodies recognize and engage with. These powerful images were channeled with Love, and will work with you in your Highest Good, and in perfect divine alignment. Which one(s) are you drawn to?