We know we are in potent and turbulent times because we are in a transition of the Ages. We are moving from the Piscean age into the Aquarius age. On an elemental level, we are moving from deep, watery Pisces, into light, airy Aquarius… which means on an energetic and symbolic level; water clashing with air. What happens when water and air mix? Potentially a lot of weather! And a lot of emotion about it all, too. Neither of these energies are particularly grounded either, so we are seeing a lot of hot-headedness, and fast action. We are also seeing an exponential increase and development and use of technology, which is very Aquarian. 


These transitions between Ages can last up to 500 years, and we are about half way through at this point… feeling the effects of Aquarius more each year. We will also continue to notice a lot of information being made available – however this doesn’t mean the information will necessarily be correct or useful. Discernment is therefore very important, which comes from knowing oneself, and staying true to oneself. 


Because we are here and involved with this time of great change (which is very challenging for most of us – cuz how many are truly comfortable with change?), we need tools to help us out!


This is why you’re seeing an influx of healing modalities, and why more people are becoming aware of Light Language. 


There is a divide in the consciousness at the moment, where some are going deeper into the matrix and away from spirit, and some are choosing a path of ascension. For those who are embarking on the ascension path, there are tools being made available to assist with these challenging times. 


The foundation of all of these tools, especially the newer energy modalities such as Light Language (although we will argue this isn’t strictly a new modality, but more on that later) and Fractalline Healing, are to help us remember who we truly are. They help bring us back to ourselves, assist us in connecting with and enhancing our gifts and talents. These modalities bring forward qualities which teach us how to integrate influxes of energies such as the EMP’s emitted by our sun (who is also going through an ascension process by the way), and harmonize with higher vibrational frequencies offered to us by spirit. 


Light Language is an ancient language, since humanity has known about it for thousands of years. It has been channelled in the church, but known there as speaking in tongues. It was channeled by the disciples, and brought to us in written form as Reiki. However, the energies earth and humanity were engaged with thousands of years ago are different from the energies we experience now (hence why we have multiple new kinds of Reiki). Light Codes and Reiki are the same thing. The new energies and healing modalities are being brought forth at this time to assist with current energies, which we can expect to last for another 50-250 years depending upon humanity’s response to change and how easily the energies of the planet can settle into a more harmonious and neutral space (the “new normal”).  


If you feel the calling to learn more and explore different healing modalities, I encourage you to try whatever you are guided towards. Ultimately you will discover techniques which will be helpful for you now (perhaps some helpful later on) which can assist you in rediscovering and embracing your true Self. Remember, that’s what all of this is about – you coming back to you. No one can do it for you, but the good news is that you have all of the capability! 

If you’re interested in learning more about Light Language, check out my YouTube channel, social media networks and books “The Little Book of Light Codes” and “Light Codes for the Soul”.