You have to eat healthy. You need to exercise. You gotta work, spend time with friends, family and loved ones, AS WELL as have alone time, find your soul, get 8 hrs of sleep, and be up at 4am. Right?



Indeed, we need to look after ourselves, but does it make sense to stress ourselves into health? Eating lots of salad but continuing to stress about work won’t get you healthy. Being zen and living off minute noodles also won’t get you healthy. It appears as though living a healthy lifestyle has turned into a form of cultural status; only for the privileged. Health is something that doesn’t appear available to everyone because of lack of finances and time. It should not be a full time job to take care of ourselves. The good news is, there are some simple things we can do to start a ”butterfly effect” on our health in a positive way! 


It is not a full time job to take care of ourselves.


Everything is Linked Together  Our brain is like the computer of our body. The power of the brain is truly mind-blowing, and is the only organ to this day, that continues to puzzle doctors around the world. Although you can’t seemingly blow a person up with your mind, you can, and DO affect your body by the way you think, and by the emotional state in which you choose to live!

Our lives are stressful, it is a fact of the times in which we live. This means our bodies are continually on high alert, producing cortisol, the ”stress” hormone. When we are happy, serotonin is released into the brain and blood, making us feel good. This causes our body to begin the de-stressing process, which includes a boost to our immune system and stimulates our regenerating and healing processes. On the other hand, if we are sad/upset/angry/stressed, cortisol levels rise and that in itself leads you to heart problems, gut problems, all kinds of problems. Studies have shown that our immune system is born in our gut. A bowel that is irritated actually makes us more sick. This can be anything from IBS to ulcers to heartburn, and other uncomfortable conditions that have us reaching for those stomach-calming medications. When our tummies are unhappy, our bodies are unhappy. When our bodies are unhappy, our minds are unhappy. Because everything links together, when we feel lousy, we think lousy thoughts. Those lousy thoughts create an unhappy body.

Most adults don’t actually know what kinds of foods they eat daily. We know that processed sugar has already been doomed as the devil, with dairy well on its way to the same doom in some parts of the world. Gluten however, still has a green light. Gluten is a Latin word that translates to glue.

GLUE! All of those pizzas, pastas, and cinnamon buns literally becomes glue in your gut.  Whatever we eat after consuming those yummy and addictive ”foods,” sticks to this glue. The process of getting the nutrition from your gut into your blood stream is now slowed because of the glue, causing those big bloated bellies, sore tummies and non-functioning bowel movements. Oh yeah, we went there. 

Okay sure, so everything is linked together. But what do I do about it?

The easiest way to change a bad habit is to become AWARE of it, and then change it!

Engage your mind in the changes you want to make, and then commit to it. There is no need to go on a crazy diet, or send yourself to a health camp drinking all those green funny-tasting juices and smoothies. It doesn’t have to be hard, if you choose to keep it simple! Try swapping the pop or juice for water. Give this a try for 10 days, and see how you feel. How hard is that? Or, only eat half the chocolate bar you love, and either save the rest for later or share it with someone you love! Not so bad, right? 


There are many choices that aren’t difficult to embrace, but can make a massive difference to our health. Since everything is linked together, when our tummy feels better, our body feels lighter, and so does our mind. When our mind gets clear, our thoughts are serving us in a positive way which creates a happier version of you. We don’t need to neglect our health for ourselves and our families.


Living healthy is NOT a privilege, it’s a human right. It’s your right. Resources


I have spent most of my life in the barn with and around horses, later working as a showjumping groom across the world, and have never worked a regular 40hr work week in my life.

A few years ago, I had a massive riding accident where my chest got crushed and my heart took a lot of damage. Up until that point I considered myself invincible and believed I’d live forever. I knew I should eat better, but it made no sense to me to cook when an apple crumble filled me up just great. This accident was my wake up call, and I started learning more about health.

I learned to change my mindset around food from something that was a painful necessity, to a powerful super-fuel for my body, helping me function on a better level than ever. 

I have managed to not only get more healthy than before, but my heart stronger than ever, and all the pain in my body from other previous accidents is gone. And despite having arthritis in both my SI-joints for the last 10years, I don’t suffer from it at all.

I am so passionate about helping other people feel amazing inside and out! Our health is the one thing we don’t value highly enough, and miss the most when its gone.

We are spiritual beings in a physical experience, so to me it makes sense to make my and others experience as amazing as possible. If you want help starting your journey, feel free to get in touch, and lets get you feel the most amazing you! 

Lots of love, Anisette Westberg