Light Language is, amongst other things, a tool which is becoming more accessible to
people in upgrading, clearing, cleansing, and connecting to divine energies. It is high
vibrational in nature, and pure in its message when channeled correctly.

Light Language can assist us in a multitude of ways.

On the physical level, we can experience:

Better sleep, vivid dreams, increased energy, better digestion, cleansing of toxins, pain relief, healing of acute or chronic conditions, increased physical capability of integrating higher vibrational frequencies, assistance with physical ascension symptoms and

On the emotional level, we can experience:

Reduced depression and anxiety, emotional release, greater levels of happiness and
joy, a general feeling of wellness and lightness, more resilience in stressful situations, greater ability to process emotions, increased emotional awareness and more.

On the spiritual level, we can experience:

Greater awareness and focus of spiritual mission, connection to spirit guides, clearing and balancing of energies, attunements to higher consciousness, alignment of the chakras, stronger connection to the higher self and soul, upgrades in consciousness,
grounding and integrating higher vibrational energies and more.


How do you know if you should work with Light Language? If you found yourself
fascinated by Light Language, there’s a good chance you’re aligning with Light Language. You may be a channeler yourself, or you may enjoy using it simply as a personal support and healing modality through watching videos and reading books such as “The Little Book of Light Codes” and “Light Codes for the Soul”. There are benefits to both channeling Light Language and receiving it as a healing modality.


Many times, when we channel, we are on output, so we aren’t in a receptive state to benefit from the channeling. I recommend to those who channel spoken Light Language, to make sure you listen to your channeling so you can also receive the full benefits of the


These is also a multitude of free information on my YouTube channel  as well.


What would you like to know about Light Language? Let me know in the comments