Understanding Emotions with Archangel Raphael and Laara.

By Laara

I am an emotional person. For those of you who don’t know, my moon is in Pisces, and I have a lot of water in my astrological chart. This has been a challenging aspect for me to navigate, but also offers many opportunities for greater understanding and growth. The following message was channeled recently while I was inquiring about emotions, and how to best understand their purpose. Archangel Raphael answered the call, and offered some helpful insight on this topic.

Part of the challenge of living on this planet is learning how to work with the emotional body. Emotions are like a big (or small) wave. We can simply allow them to swell up within, and move right out again! There is no need to attach oneself to an emotion. In fact, emotion can be regarded as a helpful tool we can use to understand energies around us.


Energy is a neutral force which acts like a carrier band for information. Energy itself isn’t emotional, but if it carries with it certain characteristics, we will interpret it and feel it as an emotion. Of course, it’s much easier for us Archangels to navigate this energy, because if we find ourselves in a space with high emotional energy that we determine to be dysfunctional or of a low vibrational nature, we can simply change our frequency and relocate to an entirely different space. Humans can’t do this, or at least not the degree we can. Humans are forced to stay on the planet and navigate the emotions. Like I said, emotions are just like water, and your plant is mostly water!


You can do things like move to a different city or country, or choose more wisely which humans you surround yourself with (to a degree), but the reality for humans is learning how to navigate emotions is a key reason to your incarnation. Depending on one’s specific make up (ancestral, cultural, astrological and so on), some will feel emotion more deeply than others. This is neither good nor bad, it’s simply a reflection of your design. Each human comes with their own arrangement of challenges, and with that, the opportunity to learn from these challenges and integrate the lessons associated with them.


Emotion can be regarded as a helpful tool we can use to understand energies around us.


Let’s say you are a deeply emotional person. This can actually be uncomfortable and bring about unnecessary trauma if you don’t learn how to stay unattached to the emotion. You might say you have good reason to feel “this way,” perhaps because you feel offended or hurt because of something said or done “to you”. This is an example which can be applied on a broad scale to include 99.9% of all emotional upset.


The truth is that when we get upset by something done or said by another, we tend to take it personally. We empale ourselves on an emotional sward. Just like what’s taught to school children about bullies, when we react, we energetically feed the bully our energy, which makes them stronger. The child feels weak because they gave their energy, their power, to the bully in that split second. Even when one is under a threat of some kind, by losing one’s grounding, and energetic presence and strength, it actually creates a space for the bully to move in and force their dysfunction upon the person who will now feel victimised. This is why it’s important to learn how to hold onto your energy – to know what energy belongs to you and what energy doesn’t belong to you. The emotions of fear and upset weaken the human. It’s in these moments that it’s good practice to remember that what you are feeling is an emotion, and this emotion is giving you information. The emotion doesn’t need to be any more than a source of information.


Emotions are just like water, and your plant is mostly water!

  • If you find yourself on the receiving end of someone’s upset, remember that their upset in reality has little to do with you, and there’s no need to react, nor empale yourself with the emotional sward.

  • If you are upset because you find yourself out of alignment (which is the main cause of all upset – disconnection from source and oneself), take a moment to reconnect. You aren’t upset for the reasons you believe. The emotion is telling you something about your alignment. Often, the reaction highlighting an opportunity to heal a trauma of sorts which will help to strengthen your connection to yourself and to source.

  • Let the emotions teach you, but not become you.

  • Let them move through your being like waves. Get out your surf board and enjoy the highs and lows!

  • Emotions are intense here. You are only here for a short while, so try to make the most out of this powerful resource and aspect of yourself.

  • Stay unattached, and remember to leave that sward alone.



Archangel Raphael